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Offering scenic seaplane tours of western New York’s Finger Lakes region and wine country from our base on Keuka Lake.

About Us

Finger Lakes Seaplanes offers scenic seaplane tours of New York’s Finger Lakes region. Operating from Keuka Lake, the birthplace of seaplane aviation, we’ll depart from and land back at our dock at the Harbor Lights Marina. You’ll come to appreciate the beauty of the region combined with the excitement and adventure of seaplane aviation.

Finger Lakes Seaplanes was born one evening when two friends decided to share their love of float flying with their appreciation of the beauty of western New York.

Andy Sable

Pilot, Abby’s dad, Chief Flight Instructor

Since learning to fly in the late 90’s, Andy has accumulated thousands of flight hours in aircraft ranging from small, two-seat trainers to twin engine jets.  He grew up in Hammondsport, and the Harbor Lights Marina was started by his father over 40 years ago. When Andy took over the operation in 2012, he knew one day he’d be operating a seaplane from its docks.

In 2014, he and his wife Tiffany welcomed their baby girl, Abby (whose airplane we’re flying…just ask her, she’ll tell you) to the world and Andy is ecstatic to be raising his family surrounded by aviation.

A cool March evening in 2017 can be said to witness the birth of Finger Lakes Seaplanes. Andy and Bob decided, rather spur of moment that evening, to pull the trigger on their dreams and buy a seaplane and offer tours of the most beautiful place on the planet, the Finger Lakes. Three months later, Andy and Tiffany ferried the newly purchased Cessna 180, N180PT, home to Keuka from its base in Minnesota.

Tiffany Sable

Abby’s mom, Finger Lakes Seaplanes CEO (Chief Everything Officer)

Tiffany never had the chance to be around aviation until meeting Andy, and it’s safe to say she’s hooked. Flying back from Minnesota with Andy, she found herself excitedly curious about all the gauges and controls, and wanted to know what each one does. It’s not a stretch to say there is at least one more future pilot in the Sable household’s future.

Tiff can best be described as the one who keeps this operation running: from booking flights, to letting Abby know her airplane made it back safely, to offering the voice of reason to some of Andy and Bob’s ideas, Tiff keeps the flight ops grounded (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Born and raised in the Finger Lakes area, Tiff is proud and excited to be raising their daughter on Keuka Lake and as part of the general aviation community. When not tending to aviation, Tiff and Andy can be found teaching Abby the camping and hiking lifestyle.

Bob Knill

Pilot, coffee drinker (understatement), German Shepherd owner

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Bob earned his pilot’s certificate 2005 while living in Frederick, Maryland.  He knew from his first few flights that he wanted to fly seaplanes and experience the sense of adventure and freedom that floatplanes signify.

Since meeting Andy in 2008 and becoming fast friends, he’s traveled from his home in Frederick to Keuka often, knowing one day he’d settle here.

Shortly after starting the business with Andy, Bob moved his German Shepherd, Fritz, and his photography side business (along with his coffee addiction) to Hammondsport, and is proud to be part of the great Sable team.

When he’s not flying 180PT, Bob can be found renovating his 1972 Airstream trailer, exploring the area on his Triumph Bonneville, or just enjoying life on the best place on Earth.

He also enjoys long walks on the beach (okay, not really…he prefers mountain hikes) and sipping fruity beverages (again…not true. Give him coffee).


We offer several trip lengths based upon your schedule and budget.

Each flight can be customized to your liking.

30-minute Keuka Tour: $225 (plus tax)*

This flight departs from Keuka Lake and circles Hammondsport, flies up the East Fork over Penn Yan, crosses the bluff over to Branchport, and down the West Fork for landing.

60-minute Keuka/Seneca/Watkins Glen tour: $350 (plus tax)*

This tour departs Keuka lake southbound and turns east near Hammondsport. We then fly over Watkins Glen, north along Seneca Lake, and head back west to Keuka over Penn Yan. We’ll cross the bluff and fly south along the West Fork for landing.

60-minute Keuka/Canadaigua tour: $350 (plus tax)*

This tour departs Keuka lake southbound and circles Hammondsport. We then fly west over Naples then north up Canadaigua Lake.  Our return trip takes us east to Keuka over Branchport and south along the West Fork for landing.

*Our prices are based on per flight basis. Each flight can carry the pilot plus three adult passengers.

For an additional charge, we can pick you up on your private dock and drop you off at the same location after the flight. Call for details.

Keep checking back with us for additional excursion options.

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